Hello & Welcome

Hi there and welcome to ShadowWars.Net!  I am an IT security professional who recently became interested in the tools and techniques employed by hackers and red team professionals.  My thought was that by understanding and knowing how to utilize the bad guy’s tools and techniques it could give me insight on how to deploy and configure more effective security controls for my organization.

With this interest I have begun my educational journey to learn as much as I can about how the bad guys are working against us.  To date I have been exploring mostly open source tools.   As I learn new and interesting red team knowledge I will be posting my experiences to this blog.  In fact over the past few months the pursuit of this information has turned into a hobby of mine.  My hope is that I can share this knowledge and that it prove useful to other IT security professionals as they work towards the best way to secure their environments.  I have just stood up a nice little virtual machine testing environment, so a lot of interesting and great content is on its way.  Thanks for stopping by ShadowWars.Net!

– MafiaSquad